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SHALIGRAMS (For happiness & peace in Home, & also for Goddess Laxmi Ji) My Cart

Matsya Narayan avatara - Lord Vishnu Matsya avatar is appearance of lord vishnu in world in form of Matsya(fish).The Sanskrit words "Matsya" refers to 'Fish' in English.Lord vishnu appeared as Mastya avatar to save earth from Big Flood and to Save four Vedas. Continue Reading,Jump to Lord vishnu Matsya avataram full story.

Kurma Narayana avatara - Lord Vishnu Kurma avatar is appearance of Lord vishnu in world in form of Kurma(Tortoise). The Sanskrit Words 'Kurm' or 'Kurma' refers to Tortoise in English.Lord vishnu appeared as Kurma avatar to Get Nectar for all God in battle of demon and God. God Vishnu helps God and world and didnot let Nectar(Amrita) Mountain Sinking in water in form of Kurma avatar. Continue Reading,Jump to lord vishnu Kurma avataram full story.

Varaha Narayana avatara - Lord Vishnu Varaha avatar is appearance of Lord Vishnu in world in form of Varah(Boar).The Sanskrit words 'Varaha' or Barah' refers to Boar in English. Lord vishnu appeared as Varaha avatar to Save Mother earth from Sinking in water and to Kill Demon(Asuras) brother,Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu who want to damage mother earth from their greed of gold and tresures.Continue Reading,Jump to lord vishnu Varaha avataram full story .

Narsimha Narayana avatara - Lord Vishnu Narasimha avatar is appearance of Lord Vishnu in world in form of Narsimha(Lion). The Sanskrit words 'Narasimha' or 'Narasingha' refers to Lion in English.Lord Vishnu appeared as Half lion and Half man form to Save Devotee Kids Bhakta Parlad. Continue Reading,Jump to Lord Vishnu Narasimha avataram Full Story.

Vaman Narayana Avatara - Lord vishnu Vaman avatar is appearance of Lord vishnu in World in form of Baman(Dwarf). The Sanskrit words 'Baman' or 'Vamana' refers to Dwarf or small Kids Brahmin.Lord vishnu appeared as Vaman to kill Bali,Demon king. He came During a Huge ceremony conducted by King Bali and cleverely asked for just three feet of Land,Measure by his own small feet. Vamana covered whole of the earth and heaven,subding Bali into his feet.Continue reading,Jump to Lord Vishnu Vaman Avataram Full story.

Parashuram Narayana avatar - Lord vishnu Parshuram avatar is Appearance of Lord vishnu in world in form of Brahmin,the brahmin who carry Weapon Axe (Kulhadi or Bancharo) in Hand.Lord vishnu appeared as Parshuram avatar to Destroy warrior Caste.When the kings of the earth became despotic and started to harm people and saints in the forest, Vishnu incarnated as Parshurama and destroyed all the kings who were harassing the people. Jump to Lord Vishnu Parshuram Avataram Full story.

Ram Narayana Avatar - Lord Vishnu ,Sri Rama, the prince and king of Ayodhaya, appeared in the Tretayuga, to rescue Wife Sita with his loyal servant Hanuman and his brother, Lakshmana, and killed the demon Ravana. Lord Rama is Supreme God in universe, Continue to Lord Vishnu Ram Avataram full story.

Krishna Narayana Avatar - Krishna Along with his Brother Balarama appeared in the Dwapar yug to Kill demond King,Kansa,Lord Krishna conveyed the message of Love and Humanity in the world.Krishna told the Epic Poem Bhagvad Gita to the warrior Arjuna,in which he acclaimed : ''Whenever Dharma, or the situation of law and order, is endangered on this world, I incarnate onto this world to re establish Dharma, law and order, and to protect the Sadhus or saints and to destroy the evil elements of the society". Lord Krishna is Supreme leader of entire universe. Continue Reading Continue Reading,Jump to Lord Krishna Avataram Full Story.

Buddha Narayana Avatar - Lord Buddha is also known as "Lord of Enlighten".Lord Buddha was appeared in the Kaliyuga. The whole body of lord Buddha was full of peace and as well as sorrounding was peace (we called buddha shanti).He came to teach lesson that to be peace,happy.He also taught sorrow comes from sorrow and atachment.etc.God buddha (light of whole universe) taught many knowledge that human should not fight and must leave anger.Continue Reading,Lord Buddha buddha Avataram Full Story.

Kalki Narayana Avatara - Kalki Narayana Avatar - God bishnu kalki avatar will be in kali yuga where we are now and not taken and appeared yet.This avatar is to destroy foulness and will be taken at the end of kaliyuga.Lord Vishnu appeared in Horse in Kalki avatar.Jump to Kalki avataram Full Story.

Why Dash(avatar) is Principle avatar of lord vishnu

Important of avatars - Lord Vishnu Main job is to Protect the World From Destruction,so lord vishnu is also known as preserver of universe,therefore he took Corporal form or Incarnation or avatar from time to time.

In the bhagvata Purana,ten incarnation of lord vishnu are Described. The Ten accepted incarnation are Matsya(Fish),Kurma(tortoise),Varaha(boar),Narasimha(Half man and lion),Vamana(Dwarf),Prashurama,Krishna,buddha and Kalki(the destoyer,yet to came).Lord vishnu had different avatar,1000 names of unnameable with form or without form,but bhagvata purana only indicated these ten incarnation as important avatar in serial orders.Lord vishnu other avatar is not described in ten avatar.

Narmadeshwar Shivling
The Narmadeshwar Shivling is found in the river of Narmada which is present in Madhya Pradesh. This shivling is considering the most sacred and effective in terms of keeping away all the evil effects from life. Moreover , it is also believe that the Lord Shiva showering his blessing on all those who owned this shivlingam. Couples are suggested to keep this Shiv ling or also called Ban ling in home to get Lord Shiva blessings. The available sizes of this Narmedswar shivlin are aprox 5-6 inches.

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Vaman Avtar Shaligram
Gandaki River



Narasimha Avtar Shaligram
Gandaki River



Varah Avtar Shligram
Gandaki River



Kurma Avtar Shaligram
Gandki River



Matasya Avtar Shaligram
Gandki River



Parshurama Avtar Shaligram
Gandki River



Rama Avtar Shaligram
Gandki River



Krishna Avtar Shaligram
Gandki River



Budha Avtar Shaligram
Gandki River



Kalki Avtar Shaligram
Gandki River



Dashavtar Shaligram Set
Gandki River



Laddo-Gopal Shaligram
Gandki River



Shaligram Mala
Gandki River , 108 Beads



Narmadeshwar Shivling



Narmadeshwar Shivling



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