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"Different Views of People"

Subject: Received the parcel

Just to thank you so very much for the bracelet which arrived safely this morning (your service is excellent as always). Thank you very much, It is so beautiful. The Dhaayan bracelet is gorgeous Ė I feel such a deep connection to this items, I will love wearing it. Thank you, as always, for your wonderful service, itís always a pleasure to buy from you. Please do use my comments on your testimonials page. Itís my great pleasure to support you.
Very best wishes,

Date : Oct 2010
Name : Sandy Pixar
Address: Australia proved

Subject: To Krishna Rudraksha Ratan Emporium

Just wanted to say thanks, as I have ordered many things from you since the first time when you came in Internet. There is no shop like yours who look each clients with priority, speedy reply, genuine and quality products, reasonable prices and most important to make them in wearable form free of charge. Never had a problem with delivery and the items are always intact on arrival. The items themselves are beautiful .I will be continuously ordering from you in future.
Thank you

Date : September 2010
Name : Ranjini Prabhakaran
Address: Kerala

Subject: Re: Query related to products

My first experience wearing recommended rudrakshas was incredible. Within a day, I determined that its energy was worthy of great respect. In the first several hours, I experienced a deep relaxation and fluidity within my body. After some weeks of wearing, I started noticing positive changes in my personónot just physical, but mental changes too. Nowadays I recover much faster after competitive events and workouts .I must say that it had the greatest influence in my personal and professional life .I am very glad to have find your website and your professional advices which are real treasure in my Life. May God and Goddess bless your business.

Date :July 2010
Name : Tapan
Address: Kolkata

Subject: To Krishna Rudraksha

I received my orders today. This time, Courier service seems to be OK. I am going to present Mala and beads to my "Guru" tomorrow. Once again thank you very much for your courtesy and service.
With regards.

Date : October 2009
Name : Pamela
Address: France

Subject: Received the product

We received the Chikna Rudraksha beads Mala today. They are very nice. Thank you so much for your work. We will certainly make them into the most beautiful, long lasting malas we can, and try to send them out into the world quickly.

Date : April 2009
Name : Mona
Address: Gujrat

Subject: Received the product

Its been a nearly a year since I have bought my rudraksha beads from You. Thank you for all of your help. After wearing these rudrakshas i definitely can say, things changed with me . I was at such a financial stand still before wearing rudraksha since more than four years but still i could arrange money and decided to go ahead a try with rudraksha...Thanks to Lord shiva, Rudraksha  . Now everything is going well with me, i got very good Jobs. I am able to cleared off my debts. I have steadily gained more insight, more illumination, and many revelations, and it has continued to open new doors and understandings for me.I really love the rudraksh malas bought from you .
Aum Namaha Shivaye

Date : March 2009
Name : Rajiv
Address: Mumbai ,India

Subject: Re-parcel received in good condition

Hi Harjit, We received the beads in good condition. Thanks for the divine beads. Best regards,

Date : January, 2009
Name : Harjit Engineer
Address: Mumbai ,India

Subject: To Krishna Rudraksha

Thanks a lot. I have received the order in perfect condition. I will order another one next week. With kind regards,

Date : December ,2008
Name : Sonia and family.
Address: New Delhi, India

Subject: Rudraksha Recommendation

I purchased the Business Stability mala. Since the day ,I am wearing this almost daily. It took a little while to turn my energies properly but things started rolling. I've been doing great! I received a huge, simply huge! order from many peoples and with half the profits. My general sales have increased, It really brings more money and happiness. Its only 2 months back and since than really my business shooting up.
I am happy that I choose to order from you, and I will surely order more items in the future.

Date : October 2008
Name : Chirag Saxsena
Address: Hydrabad

I was highly educated but my husband did not allow me to work for several years after marriage. When I consulted Pandit Arjun ji for the same, he gave me a 12mukh rudraksha and within a month I got a great job and my husband supports my going for a job now. (Mamata, Delhi)

Date : May 2008
Name : Bharati
Address: Shilong

I consulted pandit arjun ji when I was in debts of around one crore and with my little salary there is no way that I could repay this huge debt.  I bought a mala of 7mukh rudraksha beads and within one year my debt was halved and am confident that very soon I would come out of the debt completely.  (Rao, Hydrabad)

Date : April 2008
Name : Parth
Address: UP

I consulted pandit arjun ji to predict astrologically on my career as we were not getting salaries for several months and was also fearing job loss. Pandit ji predicted that within few months our company would be taken over by another firm and the new employer would retain me. It happened exactly that way and am now happy in my job. (Anil, Delhi)

Date : March 2008
Name : Seema
Address: UP

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